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From N7FR - 25 August 1999


Was reading your site on the ft-100, but (dummy that I am) I couldn't find the way to provide owner comments or just to thank you for the nice site.

I've had an ft-100 since May'99, took it cross country mobile from MD to UT and back to MD, had a blast on hf and 6m, and have been using it extensively as a base rig in a corner of my bedroon (very understanding XYL)...nothing but praise for the rig...other's have done the tech pros and cons to death, but bottom line for me is I like the radio more and more every time I use it. Given the opportunity to do it differently, I wouldn't.

Your web site is good, the whole thing...reminded me why I became a ham in the first place, and made me want to get back on the air...so must be a positive thing...

Thanks again, and sorry if I am contacting you via the wrong medium...


Don NF7R/3

(currently stationed at Ft Meade, MD, but keep the home fires burning back in Utah, so the callbook is correct...I'm the one on the wrong side of the Mississippi!)//dbd

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