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From PA0AJJ - 17 January 2000


I am PA0AAJ owner of a FT100, using the tranceiver on my 30ft sailboat. As antenna I use the backstay with good results.

Besides SSB and CW I do most with PSK31 (using compaq laptop) and there starts the problem. Using USB in PSK mode it is not possible to select the narrow filter (I have the 300Hz installed) In the June issue of QST in the product revieuw is written "filterselection is via the main menu group. Selection is independent of mode so it is possible to select the 500 or 300Hz filter while in SSB mode. very handy for psk31" Do I something wrong ? Got a unsatisfying answer from Yausu Holland "use split cw - ssb"

Second problem is that the TNC audio-out (tnc connector) is not affected by the DSP setting. Have to use the speaker exit on the back and adjust audio all the time (very inconvenient)

It would be ideal for PSK to receive in the cw mode (use the 60-120-240 dsp settings) and transmitt in the SSB mode.

As it is right now the FT100 is not verywell suited for PSK31 operation.

Any suggestions?

73 Hans Coelers


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