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From VE6SH - 05 May 1999

I have used the FT100/ATAS100 for about a month, from home connected to a F12 C3S and as G4HUA and C6/G4HUA using the ATAS100.

The FT100 is a great size for a portable/travel rig and coupled with the ATAS100 makes a nifty set up. I ordered the ATAK100 radial kit($CDN140) and was dissapointed with what you receive for the price! All you get is a ring that slips around the base of the ATAS100, 2 coils for 50mhz,and two wires(one for 144 the other for 432).What Yaseu does not tell you is the radial kit is only designed for 50/144/432 not HF!

I still maintain that the FT100 beats the 706 series hands down. Yes the fans are noisy and the tuning knob is not great and I hate the connectors on pig tails but I am willing to put up with that for the size/weight! I think if you are looking for a mobile radio the 706 is likely better suited. The RX specs such as IMD performance and floor noise amke the 100 a better radio for mini DXpeditions and the like!


From VE6SH - 26 April 1999

Here are my comments after using the FT100 for a week:

  • size and weight over the 706 are a plus
  • I think the menu system on the 100 beats the one on the 706 hands down! I like the ability to change parameters by accessing the menu from the front panel.
  • The dedicated DSP key is a really nice feature
  • with the 300hz filter in pace the 100 performs very nicely on CW
  • DSP is much sharper than on the 706
  • DSP on the mic audio is a nice touch
  • ATAS100 works very well and makes a sharp portable set up
  • memory keyer

On the niggle side:

  • having the connectors on pig tails(although this does reduce the size of the rig)
  • power connector somewhat flimsy
  • no headphione jack(a minor beef-you can use the speaker jack)
  • fan(s) are somewhat louder than on the 706(mine also seems to catch on something when it stops)
  • small tuning knob(not as smooth as the 706(mine also makes a noise when it turns-almost like it is catching on something)
  • wish they had partitioned the memory keyer into more than one block
  • need to make a modular to 8 pin adaptor
  • wish the DVs2 would work with the FT100 as that would add to it's use as a DXpedition rig

All in all the radio is very nice and for a portable set up beats the 706 hands down for size and weight. The receiver also seems "hotter" than the 706 and I have had good feedback on the audio. It fits my puposes perfectly!


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