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From K6HHH - 17 April 2000

I have been reading your Resource Page and users comments about the FT-920 with great interest. I am strictly a C.W. Op, and have used my FT-920 for over 2 years with great results. Have only had to return it to Yaesu once to have the VFO re-aligned, as it was off a few Khz. The one comment made by one of the users concerning changing the menu item U-20 to EL-2 for improved cw memory keying was of great help! I was never pleased with the playback results of what I had recorded, but now, using EL2, it works perfectly.

I bought a Ten-Tech Scout at the same time for a back-up rig, but have never had to use it! I use only an MFJ model 1796 Vertical antenna, and so far have earned my WAS and WAC ARRL Awards. I also belong to the "FISTS" CW Club, and have already gotten my Fists CC Nr, WAS Award, and only need 9 more QSO's with Fists members for my Platinum Award. I consistently get excellent signal reports even under the worst of band conditions! The C.W. filtering system is excellent, and even more so now that I have installed their YF-116 optional 500 hz filter! For the cost, I can't imagine a better buy, either for a "new-comer" or oldster like me!

The ONLY thing I don't particularly care for is the S-meter. I live in a very high-noise area in S.F., and find that the S-meter doesn't accurately display the RST of the station I'm working unless I turn the RF gain control fully clock-wise, which I hate to do as it increases the noise level quite a bit.

Other than that, I highly recommend this rig to any c.w. ops. Can't make any comments about phone operation as I've never used it on phone. All of the controls on the front panel, including sidetone volume and pitch, zero beat (Spot) and internal keyer and break-in off-on are very convenient too. It's nice not to have to go to the rear panel for any adjustments!

All in all, a GREAT rig!

73's Alan Rogers K6HHH

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