FT920 owner comments

From K7TN

Just a few comments on my '920 (SN 7F030440 purchased in late July):

Why did Yaesu cheap out on the SSB filter? Check the specs - its shape factor isn't even 2:1......if they don't fix this and the word contiues to get around, this radio is dead meat on the market.

Has anyone else noticed the so called "mike equalizer" setings all sound awful?!

Why didn't they store IPO & ATT settings in the band memories?

My blanker works great, so maybe they got that all fixed

My '920 and all others I've played with seem to lack speaker audio ie the gain control has to be set past halfway for adequate sound...you go above that and it starts to distort...I solve this problem with a NIR-12

I like the features and general operation of the radio but the poor SSB filter performance is going to cause me to spring for an IC-756..

Woody K7TN

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