FT920 owner comments

Hello Mark,

Thanks for your page it was instrumental in my new transceiver purchase this weekend. I snapped up a FT-920 and an SP-8 at the local Fairbanks fest from HRO. I had done hours of research on the internet, newsgroups, etc. The new Icom's are sharp but the price was a bit unreasonable. Of the Icom's I found the 746 very capable, the ads do not do it justice.

Being primarily an HF operator I was impressed by the comments and PRICE on the 920. Since it has been awhile since it was released I knew many of the early bugs were worked out and it would be a fairly mature product. In early comparisons to my 7 year old TS-850 I find the receiver on the 920 a bit more sensitive and nicer to listen to, more full bodied. I really like the NR, it is better than my DSP-599ZX.

My problem is this, I run a RS Pro-50MX with an HC-4 cartridge on the 850 with great results. I read on the page here someone else used a Pro-50MX with the stock mic (RS one I assume) with great results. I bought another PRO-50MX headset (Great deal!) but the audio was BOOMY to the max, totally unacceptable. I will rewire the HC-4 headset for the Yaesu tomorrow and see what how it does.

I did not mean for this to turn into a review but feel free to use any part of this on your page. If you find an mic element that works well in the 920 let me know. I am pretty much a headset, foot switch kinda guy. The Inrad filters are on the way and even with that the whole works is still less expensive than a plain jane 756.

I am a very active contester so I will give the rig a real workout and keep you up on the results.

Thanks Mark,

Andre Clay KL7AC

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