FT920 owner comments

From N0YVZ

I don't know how you got such good service from Yaesu. You even managed to get a new radio! I bought mine in October and it is now on it's third trip back to Yaesu. The first problem was my fault. Bad software. Needless to say, I wont try to interface the rig to my computer again. The second problem was output power. Mine had a max power output of 3 watts. When I recieved the rig back from being fixed for the second problem, I found that they had broken the main vfo tuning dial. It is so loose, it seems about to fall off the radio. When I talked to a Yaesu customer service rep on the phone, he said there is some play in the dial that is normal. I questioned the quality of the service if they damaged the dial to this extent. This radio has spent more time on the road to and from Yaesu than it has in my shack! I checked the dial and found that the dial is tight on the shaft but the shaft is loose in the radio. When I requested a new radio, I was told that I was dreaming if I thought that they would replace the rig. My faith in Yaesu is gone and I am planning on trading the rig at whatever loss toward an Icom 756 (if they do indeed fix it this time and not break anything else). I E-mailed you once already and recieved no reply. Maybe you are looking for only good reviews on this radio. At any rate I am sorry I ever bought this rig and plan to never buy anything with the Yaesu name on it.

Gary Teed (N0VYZ)

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