FT920 owner comments

From N2TU

I enjoyed reading your info n the rig...I also have one and have not had any trouble with it...

1. Yaesu should include the 8 pin "special" DIN plug with the rig. The radio shack model doesn't fit!

2. The SSB portion of the rig is tooooooo wide! Definitely needs a filter! Too much AGC blanking.

3. Try using your 599+ in conjunction with the rigs DSP on CW. You can really peak a cw signal in the noise. It is quite amazin'!

4. The rig is a dream with the 500hz filter on FSK rtty. This and the DSP are extremely sharp...(I have 320 DXCC on RTTY and am quite critical of rigs on RTTY).

5. The peak metering menu does not appear to work, though I haven't called Yaesu to find out why.

6. The decal strip on the back is lousy! They should use a full size decal or identify each rear panel connector.

7. The DVR is great for reading your callsign in a pile-up...even on RTTY! I just wish it was more than 16 seconds.

The rig is a beauty...especially for the price. Needs SSB filtering but otherwise a thoroughly enjoyable rig.

Lou- N2TU

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