FT920 owner comments

From N5WU

Hi Mark, here are a few positive comments on the rig that you can publish if you want.

Mine is an early unit and had the NB/Monitor circuit ground loop problem. I sent to Yaesu for the fix and they returned it with the circuit mods, but had also installed the AM pass through board.

I had another problem about 45 days later with the Auto Tuner. Bands above 20 meters would not tune at all. I sent it off and it was returned again in about 2 weeks. They adjusted the linkage on the auto tune circuit and now it seems to tune a little faster than before and I seem to get more band width from my TH3DX. They also indicated that they worked on the gain circuitry, and now I seem to get a little more indicated power output.

I used the rig during the CQWW contest for a little while and had a lot of fun on most of the bands. I continue to receive excellent reports (I use the Yaesu MD1C8 mic).

This weekend I was fooling around on 10 meters and found myself with my own personal pileup for over 2 hours, giving out 10X numbers and swinging the beam around to various parts of the world. It is nice to hear 10 meters open in Texas again.

So far I am happy with the rig. The only problem I have now is that there is no ALC indication on 28 Mhz. I can live with that.

Sam Stimson N5WU

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