FT920 owner comments

From W2CW

I purchased a FT920 three weeks ago. After about 8 days the radio was returned. Several problems developed.

1. Receive audio would suddenly sound "limited". Not distorted, but more like the DSP kicked in.

2. While transmitting, R.F. feedback could be heard in my Heil boomset. Not present in my FT980 or FT1000MP.

3. Significant backlash in the main tuning knob.

4. Strange background noise while listening in the monitor mode.

The FT920 has many good features. The dial was easy to read. In general the radio is easy to operate. The DSP worked very well and the DSP tuning control setup excellent. I felt that the problems I experienced were caused by poor quality control or design errors. The bottom line for me was to take advantage of the HRO 10 day return policy for defective radios. I replaced it with the FT1000MP. I have not found any problems with the FT1000MP. Of course, like any radio, there are things that could be more to my liking.


Paul, W2CW

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