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From WD9AQS - 16 December 2003

In Early December 2003 I bought a new FT-920 and overall I really like the rig, it is easy to learn to use, and I find it to be very user friendly. I especially like the front panel layout and having all the controls I need for general operation available up front instead of having to go into menus to set some commonly used functions like the IC-718 I was using previously. I have received many compliments about the transmit audio quality, the rig by itself has been producing very good signal strength reports, and I find the receive to be pleasant sounding and easy to listen to.

The only problems I have found so far with the rig is the lack of a narrow sideband filter option which the rig desperately needs, and the inability of the DSP and IF shift to remove bassy rumbling type interference from people operating with overly loud and/or bassy audio 2 mhz higher on LSB or lower on USB and still be able to hear and understand the people I am listening to is really irritating. Considering the price and otherwise great quality I see in this rig I can't understand how Yaesu could put this rig out with this much of a receive deficiency and no narrow SSB filter option.

I finally bought the Inrad 1800 SSB filter and filter switching mod board and I have found they really help the receive under poor or bad conditions. Even with those additions the rig still is not able to reject the bassy rumbling interference as described above, but I do feel the Inrad narrow SSB filter and filter switching board are worth getting as they give the FT-920 the SSB filtering options Yaesu should have built into this rig to start with.

Except for that one receive quirk I am very pleased with my FT-920. For the price I feel it is a really good buy for what it has to offer, I am very glad I bought it, and would recommend it to anyone looking for a really nice rig to step up to from a bottom line HF rig to an intermediate quality rig.

Bruce WD9AQS

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