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November 20, 1997

Funny, I realized that it has been nearly a month since I added anything to the journal. Nearly 500 contacts since the last entry, and the 920 is working flawlessly. Sweepstakes was a blast, and the rig performed like a champ.

The nice thing about the radio now, is that I am learning more about how to take advantage of it's features, than I am learning about the radio. It has become almost second nature to pull a weak signal out of the noise. If I can hear them, 99% of the time, I can work them.

I have very little to add right now, as the rig is working perfectly (I am sure that there are people that will be relieved to hear that), and I am just enjoying operating lately. Hopefully the INRAD SSB filter will arrive in the next three weeks, and I can offer my thoughts on that addition.

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