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December 18, 1998

There are several things to write about today. First, the filter switch kit: I had a phone call with George on wednesday afternoon, and he reports that the circuit board has gone back to the drawing board. This is good news, because it means that he found some things (using my radio) that he would not have found without the FT920 in his shop. My FT920 is on it's way back to me right now, with the new prototype board installed. George tells me that this one works, but it is not pretty. It should be about a month for the new PC boards to be done, and then I will send my radio back to him for final testing.

Another thing that was discovered in this testing, is the lack of bypass capacitors in the CW filter circuit. George installed a couple of caps in my radio, (on the main PC board), and says the difference is dramatic. I'll get more information about this modification from him after the holidays.

One other thing... I had assumed that the switch kit would be for four filters (two CW and two SSB), but it turns out that the kit will be for two filters. You can have two kits installed, as my radio will, or you can install only one for your preferred mode of operation. This should allow for more flexability. George also mentioned that his initial design used a relay, and he was not happy with the noise it generated, so the redesigned kit will use diodes instead.

More comments soon.....

December 04, 1998

George at International Radio has informed me that the filter switching kit is coming along nicely. This photo (You need Adobe's Acrobat Reader) that George provided, shows the prototype installed in my FT920. Note the adapter board in the CW filter location, and the TWO CW filters installed at the side of the radio! There will also be two SSB filters in the radio when the kit is complete. Keep in mind that the kit is in the final testing stages before production, so it will be a little while before you can buy one. Contact International Radio for more information about pricing and availability.

I'll be sure to put more information about this filter switching kit as I receive it. I hope to be able to visit with George at his Oregon QTH next weekend, and I'll add my thoughts about the kit after I return.

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