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January 14, 1998

Absolutely no problems for the past few months; I really love my FT920. In the past few weeks, I have played around on the air, participated in the ARRL RTTY Roundup, and worked some great 6m double hop. The RTTY contest was marred by problems with RFI, but that turned out to be something REALLY simple (RF getting into my computer via the printer cable). I should have double checked the operation of everything BEFORE the contest started.

In November I finally got my tower up in the air, and now my station is basically complete. The antennas are: 5 element 6m yagi (homebrew) at 42 feet, a tri- band vertical on top for 2m/220/440, and my Mosley TA33 with 40m add on kit. Everything seems to be working well with the 920.

The INRAD SSB filter is working well too. I have had good signal reports from people, and they report the sound is very natural. Hopefully the redesigned filter will drop into place and work just as well.

The 920 seems to be working extremely well on 6m SSB. I have been doing a lot of listening on 6m, with little actuall transmitting. However, this past weekend, 6m opened up quite a bit, and stations that were getting 5/5 reports from local ops were +20 on my 920. The report I got back was just as good, so the homebrew 6m yagi is working well, and the 920 seems to be happy with it. I worked several Southeast US stations including Florida, Georgia and Louisiana on sunday. Now I know why they call it the magic band. I really enjoyed myself!

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