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October 26, 1998

The CQWW contest was a blast. I had nearly 175 contacts on 10m alone, and the radio behaved perfectly. Adding the INRAD 1.8 kHz filter REALLY makes a difference for phone contests. The 2.1 kHz filter is nice for everyday use, but it is not quite narrow enough for me. Installing the 1.8 kHz filter really makes it easier to find the stations in the noise.

As a side note: I spoke with George at International Radio today, and he tells me that the filter switch kit is progressing well. I hope to have more details about this kit soon, but for now, let it suffice that this kit will allow you to have two SSB filters, AND two CW filters in your 920. There will be a little toggle switch attached to the bottom of the radio (near the front) to allow you to switch between filters. I have been looking forward to this modification for quite some time, and I hope that others will welcome this too.

October 13, 1998

My radio is back, but Yaesu was unable to duplicate the low power problem. It occurred several times for me, and once at Yaesu's repair center, but has not occurred again. So, I'll give the radio my usual workout (CQWW is next weekend), and if the problem is still there, I'll probably find it.

Yaesu performed the usual updates (I have no idea what what done, other than a few parts were replaced), and perhaps that solved the problem. Overall, I cannot complain about the experience. My FT920 has been trouble free for the past year, and the folks at Yaesu were really great to deal with (especially dealing with my impatience.)

October 07, 1998

Nothing significant to add today; just a note to say that Yaesu did, in fact, find a power output problem similar to the problem I reported. However it is in another part of the 10m band. Repairs are being done, and I hope to hear something soon.
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