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January 29, 1999

Sorry, but not much to add lately. George tells me that the artwork has been sent for the new pc boards and it should be about three to four weeks to get them done.

I'm in escrow on my first home, so updates are likely to be few and far between for the next month or two. I'll respond to email, but it will take time for me to do so.

January 11, 1999

I didn't think that it was necessary to do this again, but it seems that someone wanted to see what the 1.8kHz and 2.1kHz filters looked like on the same signal. My comments about the analyzer software were only to let people know about a cool piece of FREE software.

This image is from International Radio's HP spectrum anaylzer and shows the bandwidth of the 1.8, 2.1, and 2.4kHz filters. Go back to April 1998 for more info.

As far as a comparison of CW filters, I do not own the Yaesu 500Hz filter, so I cannot provide one to George for a comparison. When I receive the final filter kit for CW, I will run a simple graph of the 400, and 250Hz filters.

As it stands right now, the filter switch kits are in need of a new printed circuit board. In my last conversation with George, he told me that it would be about three weeks. As more information becomes available, I'll let make my comments here. You can also check International Radio's web site for updates. Assuming the final production kit works as well at the prototype I have, there will be many happy FT920 owners.

January 05, 1999

Well, I guess it's time to get off my butt, and get serious about life again. Merry new year to all.

My FT920 returned from it's latest excursion to Oregon, and I am very excited about what I find. George has installed a circuit board that allows me to switch between my 1.8kHz and 2.1kHz filters. The installation is very nice, and I have taken some photographs that I will add to the web page as soon as the film is developed. Hopefully the new boards will be finished soon, and anyone who wants the kit will be able to get it.

I also played around with some software that allows me to use my sound card as a simple spectrum analyzer. The white line represents the center of the RTTY signal I was trying to tune.

wide rtty spectrum
This is a RTTY signal from my FT920 using the default bandwidth.

narrow rtty spectrum
This is the same RTTY signal using International Radio's 400Hz filter.

You can get this software from http://www.monumental.com/rshorne/gram.html.

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