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March 23, 1999

Been away for the past week with family stuff, so I called INRAD this morning. The filter kits are nearly done, and I am extremely excited about what I heard. The installation instructions are written, and the kit works well. Call INRAD for pricing and availability. I'll have more comments when I get my radio back. For now, I'll say that this addresses my biggest complaint about my FT920.

INRAD also has filter performance curves on their web page. You can now look at the graphs for most of the filters they sell.

March 16, 1999

International Radio states that the filter switching kit works as expected. Testing is being done right now, and I hope to have results soon. George has put together a kit with instructions for a pending DXpedition, and expects to start analyzing the kits in my radio today.

March 8, 1999

Ok... Escrow closed, and we moved in last week. Now all I have to do is get organized and setup a new station! Hopefully that will happen by mid-summer.

I received an email from George at International Radio, and he tells me that the new boards are in. Testing was supposed to begin early this week, and we should have results soon. I'll put up any new information that I recieve as soon as I can.

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