The FT920 Resource Page
Last update: Monday, 10-Mar-2014 15:33:41 GMT

Crosstalk between the noise blanker and audio monitorTurn down the audio monitor pot, or have the radio modified by Yaesu.
Cannot record a message with the CW memory keyerChange menu U20 to EL2 for recording. The keyer is VERY sensitive to spacing.
Cannot get AFSK to workError in the manual. The DATA[USB] mode is AFSK, and the DATA[LSB] mode is FSK. The switch on the back of the radio only effects the data connector. Changing transmit from LSB to USB is done via menu settings. See this application note from Yaesu for more information.
Tracking mode doesn't workThis is also a typo in the manual. Press the A->B switch while holding the step button.
Meter peak hold menu?The menu item U07 is not on/off as described in the manual. It is apparently adjustable from 0 to 2000ms.

If you know of a problem and a solution that is not listed here... Please send it to me.

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