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This page is collection of information about my Yaesu radios. Obviously I am rather fond of Yaesu's equipment, and I hope to be able to provide some information about them here.

This page is a work in progress, and hopefully will provide information and resources to other Yaesu owners. --Mark (WM7D)

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FTdx5000 - Comments and Links

(06/15/2014) - Ok, so I guess I haven't had much to say. Didn't even know the page was broken.

It's been four years since my first FTdx5000 arrived. There were some issues in the beginning, but since those were resolved, my station has been excellent. I get consistently good audio reports (no matter which microphone I use). Contacts are generally easy to make (if I can hear them, I can usually work them). All in all, I have pretty much my dream station.

Applied the latest firmware updates last week. It's still a bit frustrating that I have to switch between computers to run the firmware updates. This last go around, I was able to update the main firmware with one computer (my Mac Mini running windows 7), but I had to change to my laptop (also running windows 7) to update the DSP firmware. It simply wouldn't work on the Mac Mini.

(10/06/2010) - Managed to get my new-to-me Pro-67A up in the air a few weeks ago. Been having a blast working 17m with a yagi. The FTdx5000 is working great, and I have made many new contacts in the past few months. Love the radio!

(07/11/2010) - Applied the firmware updates with no issues. Very happy about that...

Worked about 50 stations during the IARU HF contest. Many comments from DX stations about my signal. All were positive.

(07/09/2010) - New firmware released today... Supposed to fix the ATU memory problem along with a host of other issues. It's very nice to see Yaesu being so responsive to problems.

FTdx5000 Update Software with new MAIN CPU V0110 and EDSP V0526 (7/09/10)

(06/27/2010) - Decided to play a little radio for Field Day after getting Amanda squared away with the FT-450. What a pleasure to operate this year. Many reports commenting on my signal. The radio and the Quadra make for a seamless combination.

(06/24/2010) - Got my FSK/AFSK interface hooked up, found a broken wire, fixed the broken wire, reconnected the interface, and now all is well. Made a few short transmissions with N7ROJ to test and got PSK31 dialed in. RTTY (FSK) appears to work well now too.

(06/23/2010) - So it seems that the procedure for updating the EDSP has changed again. Now the process is to update ONE dsp, and then the other. This is exactly how I had to update mine a few weeks ago.

The good news is that once the update is completed, the new loader for the dsp is written, and it is possible to recover from a failed write.

Another note, I had the chance to work the 6M opening this past weekend, and the more I use this rig, the better I like it. Lots of double and triple hop Es, and 31 separate grids. Really looking forward to Field Day.

I really need to hook up my FSK/AFSK interface and see if I can get PSK31 and RTTY working again. I'd like to operate RTTY for Field Day.

(06/08/2010) - Success. I was able to complete the updates to my radio. This is the first time that I was able to see the updates complete. Looks like all the efforts by Yaesu have paid off. I have had a lot of trouble with the EDSP update process. Some it it was due to my hardware, and some of it was with the programming software. A change in the procedure and a change in the software seems to have addressed my issues.

(06/07/2010) - Word from Tokyo is that my laptop has some timing issues on the serial port. They are apparently releasing a new version of the EDSP updater that compensates for it. The newer laptops apparently don't have this problem.

More good news... it seems that some of the bugs we have found are going to be addressed with this new release as well as some main cpu code.

(05/20/2010) - The FTdx5000 should be coming home today. Seems that my laptop contributed to the issues (I sent my laptop to Yaesu at their request). There will likely be some changes to the instructions for firmware updates, and hopefully this issue will not occur again. Thanks go to Dennis, Scott, Miki and Jerry for all the help and time spent in trying to figure out what happened.

(05/03/2010) - Well, the EDSP update has gone badly. I don't think that I will make any further attempts to update the EDSP code unless it addresses something seriously wrong with the radio. Yaesu tech support has been extremely helpful and tried to resolve this over the phone, but to no avail. I have nothing bad to say about the radio, or the guys at Yaesu tech support. Absolutely love the radio, but really don't like the EDSP update process. Hopefully it's just bad luck and not something wrong with the process.

(04/06/2010) - My new FTdx5000 arrived today. All I can say is WOW!


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