Tips for searching the callsign database

Note: Wildcards only work with callsigns. Use partial names for name searches.

  1. For the fastest search, enter the complete callsign of the individual you are searching for.

  2. You must start with at least two characters in your search. The more characters you use, the faster the search.

  3. When using wildcards in callsign searches, enter as much of the callsign as possible.
    • Wildcards will significantly slow any callsign search.
    • Use the "?" to search for any single character (alphanumeric).
    • Use the "*" to search for 0 or more characters. This will be the slowest search.
    • To narrow the search, brackets may be used. Example: To search for all callsigns in the range WM7A to WM7E, search using WM7[A-E].

Other examples

  • AC6* will return all callsigns from AC6A to AC6ZZZ.
  • AC?PN will return all callsigns from AC0PN to AC9PN.
  • AC6P* will return callsign from AC6P to AC6PZZ.
  • N7T? will return all callsigns from N7TA to N7TZ.
  • KE6[A-D]* will return callsigns in the range of KE6A to KE6DZZ.
Note: All searches are limited to 1000 records. The default search will return up to 100 records. For more than 100 (up to 1000 records) go to the main search page.

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