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Yaesu FT100 Frequently Asked Questions


This FAQ is made from the archives of the FT100 mailing list based on the OneList service. If you think something is missing, please forward it to FT100@onelist.com and after it gets hashed out, it might make it to the FAQ. Please address any comments about this FAQ to ny4i@arrl.net.

Q. I have heard of several FT100's dying. What is happening to them?

A. Several users have reported the VHF/UHF final in the radio dying. The radio works perfectly except that the power output on 2m and 440 goes to about 1 watt. The radios were sent back to Yaesu and returned in about 8 days. (The author of the FAQ was has one of the radios).

Q. Can the radio be modified to transmit out of band?

A. Yes, it can. Check out http://www.ns.net/~rtwod2/ft100.htm for details on the transmit mod.

Q. I can hear broadcast stations in places they should not be. Sometimes on 10 meters or on 10.0000 (WWV). What is wrong?

A. First, you are not crazy, or hearing things. Some radios do this. Several people have experienced this. There is not a solution to this problem yet. If you experience it, please send an email to Yaesu tech support and to ft100@onelist.com.

Q. What are some resources available on the web for the FT100.

A. You can check the FT100 archives on Onelist. Also, try http://www.wm7d.net/hamradio/ft100/ as a website dedicated to the FT100.

Q. I am having a problem with the remote kit. Any ideas?

A. Some users reports problems with the remote kit. One solution was to put a Radio Shack "wrap-around" torrid on the line.

Q. Whenever I tune on HF, the radio seems to stop receiving until I stop tuning the knob. What gives?

A. This problem has to do with scanning. If you have the squelch open, and use push the up or down button on the mic, it puts the radio into scanmode. Since the squelch is open, the radio stops right away. If you tune the VFO knob, the receiver seems to disappear until you stop. You will also see the icon in the scanmode at the point. Simply tap the PTT button or go to the scan menu and turn off scan.

Q. Hey, I saw several questions concerning the FT100 not transmitting when used in a rolling stagecoach over the Oregon trail during a full-moon, but I did not see it here in the FAQ. What gives?

A. While every attempt is made to keep the FAQ current, it is certainly a work in progress. The author will try to keep it as current as possible, but sometimes I am using my FT100 too much to have time to update it.
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