The FT100 Resource Page
Last update: Monday, 10-Mar-2014 15:28:55 GMT

Known problems...

CAT Programming doesn't work The documentation is lacking, but here are some tips:

Ignore the references to the FT847.
The opcode is sent LAST not first as the manual states.
The frequency decoding is the same as other radios EXCEPT the result is multiplied by 1.25 to get the actual frequency of the radio.

My Heil microphone doesn't work The FT100 has a circuit design that precludes the use of microphones other than the provided mic. I am told that Yaesu is working on an adapter for other microphones.

05 January 2000 - Heil Sound has a microphone adapter and a headphone attenuator available. More information available here.

If you know of a problem and a solution that is not listed here... Please send it to me.

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