WM7D Privacy Statement

WM7D.net is a web site dedicated to providing information and resources to amateur radio operators. Information provided here is gathered from public resources (ie: The amateur radio callsign database is a public record from the FCC). Other information, such as email addresses, is collected as a convenience to amateur radio operators to assist in QSL efforts.

  • Email addresses ARE NOT and will not be sold. All email addresses that are entered into the WM7D callsign database are verified and that entry must be approved by the email address owner to be displayed.
  • WM7D.net does not poll browsers as to which web pages they previously viewed.
  • WM7D.net does keep standard web log records and occasionally uses them to report to supporters the volume of accesses, and the classes of the domains where accesses originated.
  • Email addresses used for passwords when FTPing source code are saved in a file, but will not be sold or used for unsolicited commercial email.

WM7D.net web pages provide links to other sites that offer complementary or similar products or services. WM7D is not responsible for the privacy practices of those sites and can not be held liable for any use of private data that they may create.

Note: WM7D.net has a no-tolerance policy with parties determined to have deliberate or malicious intent to abuse the WM7D.net web site. In such cases WM7D will use whatever means it has available to identify the source of the abuse, and may refer the identification of the abusers to appropriate organizations including law enforcement and/or the Realtime Blackhole List, for appropriate action.

If you have any questions or concerns about privacy or security issues on the WM7D dot Net web site, please feel free to email us: Feedback

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