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You'll need the core code. This includes sample data files (except those further below) and has instructions for installation and testing.

You'll also need the wdb data files for the continents. v1.1 includes US counties.

You may be interested in:

Elevation data, 5 min resolution (etopo5 from National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Agency), requires at least az_proj v1.1 beta12. Data includes grdsquares AA-RR and some continents (africa, australia, europe, japan, n_america).

You might be interested in a list of commercial broadcast stations (AM,FM,TV). This is from Colin AA0YT/K4SSO (site at now QRT), who maintains a list of 40,000 broadcast stations and amateur beacons. Minor corrections to tv.dat since v1.0. You are unlikely to be interested in the countries drawn in antipodean mode (for projecting the antipodes onto your QTH). Hardly anyone uses this feature on the server.

Installing it
General feedback is that it's difficult to install if you don't undertand postscript. A README.azp and FAQ.azp comes with the az_proj*.tar.gz file which should enable you to get az_proj working. I would welcome any feedback on the docs to make the install easier.

Paul N1BWT ( - Jul 2002, all tiac addresses are forwarded to earthlink, which gives a "page not found" error) has installed az_proj and lived to write about it. Paul found that AZ_PROJ doesn't work with GSWIN or GSVIEW. AZ_PROJ is not supposed to work with these programs - you need a postscript output device (e.g. ghostscript).

If you are going to generate output on non-postscript devices (X11, inkjet printers, dos/wintel, bmp, pdf, png), you will need Ghostscript .

You can convert the output of the contest logging program CT (your worked grid squares), to AZ_PROJ format. You will need the utility awk for your operating system. Awk (==mawk) for DOS is available here.

GridSquare Calculator tclet
Jan 2011: There isn't a plugin for Firefox. I should have written it in Java.

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