Use this form to add DX callsign information.

If entering address information for a DX callsign, PLEASE use a COMPLETE mailing address.

DX callsign information is worthless without a complete and valid address!

DO NOT use this form to add US or Canadian Callsigns

US callsign data is gathered from the FCC daily. Canadian callsign data is gathered weekly from RAC.

   Callsign: * 

       Name: * 
  Address 1: * 
  Address 2:   
  Address 3:   
  Address 4:   
    Country: * 

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 Comments: ** 
* Required entries.
** Comments are not added to the database, they are only for comments to the administrator.

Special notes:
USA callsigns cannot be updated.
Special characters are not supported.
Updates take 24-48 hours to process.
Please note that special characters are not allowed.

Please note that this form cannot be used to make changes to existing data. Changes must be mailed to WM7D.

To add QSL route information, please use the Update information box on the main search page.

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