Tips for searching the callsign database

  1. For the fastest search, enter the complete callsign of the individual you are searching for.

  2. When using wildcards in callsign searches, enter as much of the callsign as possible.

  3. Fill in as many fields as possible to speed up the search.
    • The more you narrow the search, the faster the data will come back.

  4. Restrict the number of records returned with the limit number.
    • An HTML document with 10 records will download much faster than one with 1000 records.

  5. When searching for a name, narrow the search by adding a comma at the end of the search string:
    • Johns, will return all records with last names of Johns.
    • Johns (without a comma) will return names like Johnson.

  6. Try matching as much of the name or city as you can.
    • Craig, Ma will get you all Marks, Marys, etc.
    • Medford will return up to 1000 records from Medford, OR and Medford, MA in no particular order.

  7. Don't search for states. It will not work.
    • Use states to narrow the searches like all Smiths in Oregon.

  8. Zip codes must be exact matches.
    • 99999 will return only the records that exactly match that zip code.
    • Zip+4 searches must have all nine digits. Dashes are not important.
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