Generate a personalised AZ_PROJ map - short form

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There must be an entry in every field. The defaults will give a GIF of the local continent, projected from the server.

Title of Map
Decorative Title across top of Map (eg Summer 2m Contest or DXCC Countries Worked).

Location of center of azimuthal equidistant projection Help - don't know lat/lon (USA only)

Name of QTH - eg WA3ZZZ, or Mt. Monadnoc (will be small label at bottom left of map).
location accepted formats gridlocator (eg FM05lw) or latitude (-89.9<lat<89.9, in decimal degrees, N is +, S is -)
longitude (-180.0<lon =<180.0, in decimal degrees, E is +, W is -) (entry ignored if gridlocator used in previous field)

Note: the USA has positive latitude and negative longitude. This is the most common mistake made in drawing maps and leads to maps centered in central asia by hams with US call signs. The next most common mistake is exchanging lat/lon leading to maps centered near the north pole.

cross-hair marker at QTH

Continents to include in map Help
africa ( 988,429 bytes )
antarctica ( 130,390 bytes )
eurasia ( 2,744,950 bytes )
north america ( 1,691,869 bytes ) default
oceania ( 426,120 bytes )
south america ( 702,007 bytes )
whole world ( 6,683,765 bytes )

Map Scale

The display thinks it is A4 or about 8.5x11" i.e. about 10cm from center to edge. The whole world require a map of radius 20,000km (thanks to Napoleon).

Output Format (and approx size of printfile for US letter) help

Paper (Page) Size for output help

Submit Data for map

If you're happy with the parameters, a map will be generated. To make modifications to a calculated map, return ("back" on your browser) to this page and change the appropriate entries. Do not "Reload" - you will erase your entries. If you want to view the output, click the mouse on the filename for your file. To download the file, shift-click.


Go to top of the form to review selections.

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