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GridSquare/Bearing/Distance Calculator

Jan 2011: There isn't a plugin for Firefox. I should have written it in Java.

Tcl/tk logo A Tcl/tk GridSquare converter

If you don't see a digital clock in the next line,

then you need

the Tcl/tk plugin

Input the lat/lon for your QTH(s), outputs your gridsquare/distance/bearing. For those using lat/lon formats that predate the decimal system (eg the Babylonian D:M:S system) you can enter your position in decimal or D:M:S formats. If you don't know your lat/lon and you live in the US, you can find your location to about 0.1mDeg from MapsOnUs - go to the "Maps" link.

You can download the source code for this tclet along with the rest of the AZ_PROJ files.